EchoSim Solutions

To help patient and lower costs

EchoSim provides two solutions


Virtual reality-powered game environment for pediatric patients, which allows them to experience the procedure at home combined with a wearable based measurement of anxiety.


A processing software to improve the quality of collected medical images that are disturbed by pediatric patients move. Medical imaging practitioners receive information about the child’s readiness by reviewing their virtual session and evaluating their stress level. If EchoSim notifies the practitioner of the possibility of failure due to the high level of anxiety of the child, they can re-schedule the procedure for a later time.

EchoSim VR Solution

Patients enter the interactive environment and practice each step of the imaging procedure.

Virtual Reality Game

We are designing hyper-realistic game environment in which the game character is able to observe the process of medical imaging. The game environment will initially be focused on an MRI procedure. As the pediatric patient goes through the process there will be other characters in the game environment that walk them through the procedure. The pediatric patient can hear similar noise as during the procedure, receives similar ques from the nurse and prior to each step gets an introduction.

Patient Progress Dashboard

As the patients work through various educational modules and play the virtual game their progress will be recorded on a dashboard that can be then shared with care provider unit. If the patient does not take the steps to review the educational content or play the game, then the procedure will be rescheduled for them.

Additionally, the stress level of patients when playing the virtual game can be collected and shared with the care provider. In case the patient shows high level of stress the procedure can be postponed.

Distorted Image Modification

The motion artifact reduction module will enable the radiologist to improve the quality of captured image. The artifact formed in the image due to patients’ movement can be corrected and as a result a higher quality image that can lead to more accurate diagnostics can be provided to care provider.

Parent Educational Content

The platform will enable adult patients and parents of pediatric patients to learn more about the procedures and the preparation required. This will save time from the staff when the patient arrives for the procedure. It will also ensure the patient and care provider that the patient is ready for the procedure and is familiar with each step.

Diagnostic Support

An AI powered module that supports the radiologist and physician in finalizing their opinion about the diagnosis. Utilizing the volume of data collected via research our team will focus on developing diagnostics for various conditions and diseases.

Expansion to Adult Market

Our research shows that the problem of anxiety before procedures is not limited to pediatric patients or medical imaging.Most of the anxiety comes from lack of understanding of the procedure. By providing educational content and game environment to try and test the procedures adult patients can also manage their level of anxiety.

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