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EchoSim is developing interactive games for pediatric patients and image modification algorithms for radiologists to reduce failure rate in pediatric radiology

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Welcome to EchoSim

Hello World! EchoSim company has just been founded in Toronto, Ontario. Our mission is to make pediatric imaging more accessible by developing interactive games for

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Medical Imaging

  • There are many different types of imaging developed over the past decades;

  • X-rays, CT (computed tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and ultrasound are examples of Medical Imaging.

  • It is estimated that annually 10M medical imaging; and

    procedures are completed in Canada.

Pediatric Medical Imaging

  • Confined and unfamiliar spaces, machine noise, and the need to lie still lead to anxiety in children during medical imaging;
  • Child anxiety can lead to unwanted motion which can ultimately result in motion artifact, or abandonment of the procedure; and 

  • In pediatric MRI 50% of procedures fail due to patients’ fear of the procedure.

Reduce the failure rate

EchoSim provides a turn key solution

from patient preparation to diagnostic improvement EchoSim does it all


With use of regular smart watch technologies we are able to measure pediatric patients' anxiety level

Motion Artifact Reduction

Our artificial intelligence algorithm will reduce artifacts appearing in medical images to improve diagnostics


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