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reducing patient anxiety and improving procedural outcome

EchoSim is a software platform building an immersive solution for pediatric patients to get familiar with medical imaging. Through a game environment, the pediatric patient is trained and can practice each procedure step at home. The patient’s level of anxiety is measured through a standard wearable and their movements while playing the game. The platform also can correct images that are distorted by pediatric patient motion. Lastly, the medical imaging facility receives information about pediatric patients’ readiness and risk of failure.

Once the patient receives a referral for medical imaging, the facility will direct them to EchoSim application to use the at-home game simulation. The patient needs simple head gear (simple versions made from cardboard) to use a mobile phone and a smartwatch. As the child goes through various levels of the game environment, their anxiety level is monitored using the smartwatch.

Once the patient’s actual medical images are recorded, the practitioner can improve the quality of recorded image and remove the effect of pediatric patient move and use the software to finalize the diagnosis.

Our mission & goal

Our mission is to make the help patients with their medical imaging procedure to familiarize themselves and get accustomed to each step of the procedure. Our goal is to help medical imaging professionals reduce their failed procedures, save time per patient and be able to increase the efficacy of operation. As the result of using our products, hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies will be able to save cost. We believe EchoSim can create a lot of values for clinics and hospitals, by reducing patient anxiety and improving procedural outcome.

Key Stakeholders & Channels

Their challenge with pediatric patients is to convince the patient to stand calm and still during the procedure so that they can capture high quality images and can firmly diagnose the issue.

Most children now are familiar with video games and virtual reality and using a smart phone are able to play these games. So, we do not expect any challenges in using the virtual reality solution.

Hospitals, especially pediatric hospitals can utilize our solution for their staff and patients to ensure they manage costs associated with these procedures.

Meet our team

Maryam Moradi


Amirhossein Dadpour

Director of Marketing

Maryam Moradi


Maryam is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Echosim. With more than twenty years of academic experience, her expertise in MRI scanning and dealing with patients is crucial to our team. 

Reza Darooi

Director of Operations

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